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  • What does it mean when I "Commit" to a story?"
    It means you're following that news story. The moment you tap "Commit" we pull all the related coverage, across thousands of sources with the most recent listed on top. So, you can quickly read the latest update or scroll down to see how the story has developed over time. You'll find every story you "Commit" to in the MY NEWS section of the app.
  • Why can I only "Commit" to 9 stories at a time?"
    The news is endless, but attention spans are not. We aim to make the news manageable. When you want to stop actively following a story, you can "archive" and keep a snapshot of it at the bottom of your MY NEWS list. You can revisit the story, timeline and re-"Commit' from there. We chose 9 based on The Magical Number 7 ± 2, an idea that basically says the number of objects a human can hold in working memory is 7 ± 2. More than 9 and our brains have a tough time holding onto things. The Magical Number 7 ± 2 helps explain why we don't give out our phone numbers as one long line of 10 figures - it's just too many. But if we chunk it into 3 parts, we've got a fighting chance.
  • What sources do you use?
    We currently tap into over 30,000 sources worldwide. And we're working hard to keep tabs on the stories that can fall off the front pages; so we've built additional crawlers to pull from local and special interest sources. We're always looking for more sources so feel free to suggest your favorites. Contact Us
  • What does it mean to "archive" a story?"
    You can have 9 stories that you are actively following and an endless number of articles archived. This feature keeps any committed story in case you want to revisit or re-"Commit."
  • Why are some articles repeated in my timelines?
    Sometimes sources will add new information to a previously published article. Each time they update it they republish it.
  • Is the app available on Android?
    Not just yet but soon.
  • How do you choose which articles appear in the FIND NEWS section?
    An algorithm pulls top trending stories based on homepage presence, interest, coverage, etc. Once you "Commit" to a story we scan additional sources to gather as much coverage as possible, including smaller publications, special interest, and local outlets.
  • I just saw a story that relates to one of my "Commits" but it's not on my timeline?"
    Send it our way. We're continually updating our sources and algorithm to find related coverage. Let us know if you see something that you think we should've caught. Contact Us
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